Wood Care Kit

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Wood Furniture Renewal Kit is a three-step kit rejuvenates and preserves wood’s natural beauty while delivering a rich, clean, low-lustre shine for a natural glow.

Product Description


  • – Gives your furniture a fresh start
  • – Cleans, protects, dusts and beautifies, concealing the appearance of fine surface scratches
  • – Enhances lustre while maintaining low-matte and high-gloss finishes with added UV protection
  • – Contains no harmful waxes or silicones, and leaves no greasy film or buildup


Guardsman’s Wood Furniture Care Kit contains everything you need to give your wood furniture a fresh start. Each kit contains one can of Guardsman Purifying Wood Cleaner, one can of Guardsman Revitalising Wood Polish and one Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloth. For use on finished, sealed wood including furniture, cabinets, trim, molding, and antiques.

STEP 1: Apply Purifying Wood Cleaner first to quickly cut through and remove built up grease, grime, oily films, dust, and food and beverage residues that can leave wood finishes looking dull or dirty. Use a clean, soft cotton cloth. Wipe dry.

STEP 2: Apply Revitalising Wood Polish, using a clean area of the cloth. Enhance your wood Furniture’s natural beauty with regular use of Guardsman Revitalising Furniture Wood Polish.

STEP 3: Use Dusting Cloth, reusable dusting cloth grabs and locks in dust without having to use dusting spray