Revitalising Wood Polish

$29.00 $19.99


Our complete assortment of polishes for wood furniture, cabinetry, trims, moldings, and antiques. Guardsman Revitalising Furniture Wood Polishes enhance and preserves wood’s natural beauty, maintaining the original lustre of the finish without oily residues. Available in aerosol and cream.

Product Description


  • – Delivers a rich, clean, low-lustre shine for a natural glow
  • – Protects and beautifies, helps conceal the appearance of fine surface scratches
  • – Enhances lustre while maintaining low, matte, and high-gloss finishes
  • – Unlike some polishes, Guardsman polishes contain no waxes, abrasives or silicones and leave no greasy film or buildup
  • – UV Protection formula to guard against sun damage


For best results, clean surface with Guardsman Purifying Furniture Wood Cleaner prior to using this product for the first time to ensure that any residues from other polishes are removed, along with dirt and grime. Use Guardsman Revitalising Furniture Wood Polish regularly to enhance and preserve beauty. Use after dusting on all finished, sealed wood including furniture, cabinetry, trim, molding, and antiques.